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The utopia of all tattooing—the premier tattoo studio in the heart of Denham Springs, Louisiana. If your goal is to have the best possible piece of skin art, look no further! Award-winning artists with 20+ years of experience in a clean, safe, and sterile environment. Tattoos are by appointment only. (Same-day appointments may be available.) Call or text today to get booked!

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Our Award-Winning Artists

Meet the Masters of Ink

Behind every extraordinary tattoo is an artist with a vision and a story. At Tattootopia, we’re proud to house some of Denham Springs' most talented and creative tattoo artists.

Our team combines passion, artistry, and expertise to bring your unique ideas to life. Get to know the visionary artists who will be crafting your next piece of personal art.

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  • cory veron denham springs louisiana tattoo artist square
    Cory Veron

    Cory Veron

    Specializing in Anime & Traditional Tattoos

  • roger cazares denham springs louisiana tattoo artist square
    Roger Cazares

    Roger Cazares

    Learn about Roger Cazares: A visionary in Realism and Dot Work tattoos, known for his precision and ability to turn visions into intricate art.

  • courtney cartoon denham springs louisiana tattoo artist square
    Courtney Cartoon

    Courtney Cartoon

    Discover Courtney Cartoon: From Louisiana to legendary in New School tattoos, her work is a vibrant journey through her passions, from Star Wars to wildlife.

Transform Your Skin Into Art at Tattootopia

Discover the magic of personal transformation with Tattootopia's range of tattoo services. From the initial consultation to the final touch of ink, our team is dedicated to creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique story. Explore our services designed to cater to every aspect of your tattoo journey in Denham Springs.

    3rd visit here with Courtney doing my work and always more than satisfied with the outcome! Just found the last tattoo artists I’ll go to!

    I have 2 pieces done by Corey now and another appointment already set. definitely my new go to!!!

    Cory V is a spectacular artist, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! Mans drops hot fiya!

    He’s just awesome! His work definitely speaks for itself and I’m so ready for my next session.

    I would definitely recommend my boy Cory Veron! Super clean and stylish artist. Always thinking outside the box to help you come up with your dream piece! This man has has such crisp line you’ll cut yourself on em if you’re not careful

    Loveeeee!! their work definitely if you never been you need to try them out .. I’m going to recommend to everyone I know

    Cory V has given me more than one great tattoo and I can’t wait to keep adding to the list! Whether you want a Cory V original or come to him with your own idea he’ll make sure it turns out amazing! No matter where I go I’m always getting compliments on the tattoos he’s done for me. Some of the most solid work out there right now. 10/10 recommend you won’t be disappointed!

    Got my last 2 tattoos from Cory. Great work ! I can’t wait to get my next one.

    Cory veron has built one of the best traditional names in the area. His work speaks for it self. 10/10

    No one touches me with a tattoo gun besides Cory V and that’s on gang! Dude is amazing!!

    Cory is an amazing artist. He’s not heavy handed at all and helped bring my idea to life. I get compliments on his work all the time.

    I’ve seen Cory’s work for over 10 yrs. He is amazing ! Best around, Cory never ceases to amaze me with his talent! Don’t hesitate to check this shop out. Best Wishes Tattootopia!!

    Love Cory’s work, my husband and daughter both got theirs from him, and we recommend him to everyone!

    I have multiple beautiful tattoos from Cory & I love every single one. Extremely professional artist with amazing creativity to make all your unrealistic expectations comes true!!

    Cory V is one of the best artists you can find! Solid line work, bright bold colors, and and awesome understanding of translating your ideas into a tattoo you love! Specializing in several different styles he’s always down to put an amazing piece of art on your skin!

    Cory Veron is hands down the best artist around denham! He does absolutely does the cleanest line work ever. The shading is always solid and works efficiently! If you want the best go see the best!

    Cory is awesome! I was recommended by a close family friend, and he did not disappoint! He did a tattoo for me that was very meaningful to me and it came out great. I am planning on getting a sleeve done and I will definitely be going to him! He is super nice and very professional and clean!!

    Very experienced artist, clean and very nice studio with a relaxed atmosphere. And don’t forget everyone is nice and fun to hang out with

    Cory is absolutely amazing! He has done 2 of my tattoos and will do all others. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I was very worked up my first time and it just all flows so smooth with him. I absolutely love his work. Every year he improves more and more. I will never go to another person. Absolutely amazing experience everytime with him. Do yourself a favor and allow Cory to make your masterpiece you have wanted come to life! I promise you wont regret it!

    Cory is a really laid back and talented artist! Always fair on prices and his work is always very clean. I’ve sent a few people his way and they’re always as pleased as I am.

    Cory does great work and is very professional. Been my go to artist for many years. Highly recommend!

    Drove 3.5 hrs from Florida, for my second amazing piece from Cory! Hes amazing, easy to work out designs and ideas with, and does clean, bold, long lasting tattoos! Definitely not my last tattoo here!!

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